About AIIS

The Albanian Institute for International Studies (AIIS) is a non-governmental, non-profit research and policy institute created in recognition of the need for independent, in-depth analysis of the complex issues surrounding Albania's security. AIIS was founded by a group of academics and analysts with extensive experience on foreign policy and policy-making issues. Since then, AIIS has sharpened its technical capacities to become a leading think-tank trusted by Albanian policy-makers and international partners in the fields of security studies, democracy, Euro-Atlantic integration and regional cooperation. In order to promote discussion and debate among the policy community, AIIS engages Albanian and international scholars as well as provides its products free of charge on its website. These services are made possible by the contributions of national and international donor community to fund its activities. As a results-oriented, methodologically interdisciplinary team, AIIS aims to produce timely advice as well as analysis to the challenges facing Albania's policy-makers. Given the changing nature of security threats, AIIS has turned to domestic issues such as democratization as primary challenges to a secure and stable Albania. Having carved out a niche in the policy-making environment, AIIS has become an important partner in Albania's road to democratization and market economy.

Our mission:

AIIS mission is to conduct high-quality academic research on contemporary security issues and their political impact, with a focus on areas of central relevance to Albanian foreign and domestic policy. Reflecting upon the changing nature of security threats in the post-Cold War world, the AIIS has shifted its focus towards Albanian internal security issues, NATO membership, and integration in the European Union. The institute undertakes short-term applied research and advisory services.

AIIS mission is to study key Balkan issues and to prepare prognoses on political, economic, security, ethnic, cultural, and religious developments.

AIIS mission is to promote peace through conflict resolution, dialogue and reconciliation, public information and policymaking activities

AIIS mission is to contribute to greater awareness and insight concerning international issues, through academic publications, reports related to our engagement activities and via the general media.

Our core values:

Critical thinking





Our goals:

AIIS will continue to fulfill its basic mission, maintaining its scholarly and institutional independence and its capacity to conduct critical research.

AIIS will increase its ability to respond to strategic challenges, to identify new trends relevant to the Albanian security environment and governance, and to focus on the European integration.

AIIS will strengthen its international profile and expand its international and regional cooperation.

AIIS will expand its own information activity based on its own research aiming to create interest for long-term development and new challenges that remain underreported by the media.


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