The 41 Golgotha-s of one massacred girl

The 41 Golgotha-s of one massacred girl 
Tirana Times -

By Alba Cela 

After the news of the girl that was brutally massacred and found in pieces at the lake of Zall Herr, 41 pair of parents went to the National Morgue in Tirana to check whether this poor creature was one of their offspring. I find this to be the saddest aspect of the entire story. The girl is now dead and hopefully will be soon laid to rest in earth’s lap. The 41 parents who did not recognize her chopped face will proceed slowly on their Golgotha paths, to seek relentlessly their lost children. No one will hear their pangs of pain, until another day another person will be found dead and they will rush again to see if they can release their heavy cross from their old shoulders that bear the weight of someone else’s crime. 

Who are these lost children and why can’t they be found? Who is doing anything to help these parents who have done nothing to deserve their hardest punishment: the loss of a child? 

Questions like these come to mind when I see the tearful sister on TV wondering weather this massacred girl is her sister who was forced to prostitute after being raped inside her own family. The girl’s disentangled body parts are the metaphoric evidence of our own society coming apart due to the hardest economic and social chaos and the political authority’s incapacity to come to terms with crime’s far reaching grip. We could not help the girl to survive her destiny. Who knows if we can help these parents to survive their reality?