Current Projects

Albania and Greece in the Media: Coverage, Perceptions and Impact

The role of the media in both Albania and Greece cannot be overestimated as they have played an active and often unfortunately detrimental role in perpetuating and strengthening perceptions, stereotypes and instilling atmosphere of negativity when it comes to respective neighbors. AIIS undertook an initiative to monitor media for a respective time frame and produced quantitative and qualitative analytics about the coverage of Greece and various developments that relate to Albanian Greek relations in media.

Albania and Kosova: in quest of a common future

Albania and Kosova, in quest of a common future “- is a project aiming at taking stock and analyzing the current state of relations between Albania and Kosovo and the prospects for their development in the future. The project is being implemented by AIIS jointly with a partner organization in Prishtina: The Institute for Development Policy (INDEP). Three roundtables have been organized so far and a policy paper is foreseen in 2015. For updates check the News&Upcoming Events section. 

News on the project: