360° of EU assistance to Albania

Author: megi / Date: 17-02-2015 /

 “360° of EU assistance to Albania”, is an IPA 2013 project, implemented by AIIS and the Albanian Public Broadcaster (RTSH). Its most important mission is to increase the level of knowledge, among the Albanian public, on EU assistance, serving the development of democratic processes, Europeanization of the country and keeping pro European feeling high in Albania.

Together with the partner team at the Albanian Radio Television, AIIS will work on the technical part of the project: Deciding on documentary flow and structure, shooting venues, interviews and graphic display of data. The final result will be: 6 documentaries on six different topics related to EU financial assistance to Albania, namely:

  • Justice system
  • Human rights
  • Cultural heritage
  • Education
  • Agriculture
  • Cross border Cooperation

 The duration of the project will be 12 months: January 2015-December 2015, while the production phase will require approx six months (1 month for each documentary). Depending on the topic and on the agreed structure each documentary will/may contain: 1- Original shootings in relevant venues, communities, institutions, etc 2- Archive illustrations (to make comparisons before/after, views from inaugurations, etc) 3- Narration (with journalist stand-up) 4- Interviews with relevant stakeholders 5- Data graphics, tables.

The project aims to achieve a change in people's perceptions and information on the work of the EU in Albania. Hence, the final beneficiary will be the Albanian society, especially those segments of society that are sceptical but also interested in the integration process.