Politikat krahasuese

Author: megi / Date: 25-01-2016 /

Comparative Politics: Nations and Theories in a Changing World combines theoretical and comparative introductions to each of the three major political worlds— Western democracies, modern autocracies, and less developed systems— with descriptions of structures, processes, events, and trends in a diverse array of nations. Industrial Democracies: Ideals and Reality. Government and Politics in Great Britain. Government and Politics in France: The End of French Exceptionalism. Germany: Emerging Superpower with a Troubled Past. Transition to Democracy. Russia and the Former Soviet Union. The Nature of Political Development in the People's Republic of China. The Less Modernized Nations and Political Development. Nigeria: Tribalism and Cultural Diversity. Modernization and Democratization in Latin America. Mexico. Trends and Prospects in a Changing World. For anyone interested in Comparative Politics or European Politics.

Lawrence C. Mayer, John H. Burnett, Suzanne Ogden
IR Library