Europa Magazine

Author: megi / Date: 10-03-2015 /

While many publications (dailies, weeklies and monthlies) exist in the Albanian print market one gap is evident to all those that seek qualitative comprehensive and critical information and analysis on the EU integration process and most importantly go beyond the simplistic approach of dry reporting from Tirana or Brussels. Critical thinking needs to be encouraged in order to have a plurality of thoughtful inputs into the integration debate. The Albanian Institute for International Studies jointly with House of Europe is publishing a bi-monthly, color printed, high quality magazine entitled 'Europa’ (Europe) that will fill in the gap present nowadays for the Albanian reader and provide an interesting, though provoking content. The magazine has a clear orienting dimension distinctively European and promote both the European integration agenda of Albania but also mirror all the lively and important debates occurring within the EU.

The objective of the magazine is to provide timely and qualitative information and analysis about European Union, Albanian process of European integration, regional analyses about integration as well as articles that are based on a issue-centric approach about democracy, rule of law, economic developments, public services and foreign policy. Cultural information has a special space in this magazine which is intertwined with European cultural space news. So far, six numbers of the magazine are available to the Albanian public and the seventh one is currently in print.