European Academy

Author: megi / Date: 10-03-2015 /

The European Academy involves a week of intensive courses and training on EU-affairs by renowned scholars and practitioners in the area; facilitation of networking between students from different backgrounds in order to raise understanding of ways various sectors are affected by EU integration; the tailor-made drafting of educational materials/handbooks resulting from the trainings.

The way the European Academy corrects the deficiencies described above is first through submitting its students to generic courses based on curricula that cover the basic history of EU, the character of its institutions and the nature of its recent developments (Lisbon Treaty and its relevance for Enlargement). The courses are rendered interesting through concrete examples from countries in the region. The format of the classes is interactive with debates between sides encouraged. In the afternoons, classes tailored as specific workshops to target groups foster the sharing of expertise and partnership-building. In addition, an EU Handbook is prepared and distributed after taking into account the results of the workshop and the areas where information is most needed.


The overall purpose of this project is to democratise the EU integration process and enhance its local ownership by systematically empowering actors in that process. More specifically, the project seeks to:

  • Raise the knowledge and understanding of target groups of EU affairs and Albania’s EU integration process in particular (focusing on understanding / breaking down the membership criteria, the actors involved, the significance and implications of membership etc)
  • Facilitate networking and exchanges of information and expertise among target groups, leading to a fuller understanding of the process and the roles of other actors
  • Raise the debate on the EU, EU integration and reforms needed. 

The Academy targets students and young professionals dealing with topics relevant to European integration from the capital Tirana and other major cities such as: Shkodra, Korca, Durres, Vlora etc.