TRAIN Programme 2015

Author: megi / Date: 02-03-2015 /

For the second year in a row AIIS is among the participating organizations of the TRAIN Programme: Fostering policy dialogue in the Western Balkans, organized by the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP). The overarching theme of the 2015 TRAIN Programme is the strengthening of democratic institutions in the Western Balkans. In the framework of this programme AIIS researchers will prepare a policy paper with the topic of “Preparing for accession negotiations: What role for CSO-s in Albania?”. The inclusion of civil society in decision-making and policy-making is not only important in terms of pushing the European integration process forward, it is also important for the democratic development of the country. Therefore this policy paper will contribute to the path of democratic reforms in the country, which are necessary, not only as part of Albania’s aspirations to join the European Union, but also as part of the country’s transition from a weak post-communist state to a functioning and consolidated democracy. In a way, the participation of civil society in decision-making is a tool to enhance democracy, and this is in broad terms the aim of the proposed policy paper. Focusing on experiences, best examples, lessons learned and challenges of other countries in the region that already dealt with this issue or are dealing with it at the moment, the policy paper will try to come up with the best practices Albania can follow in its path towards EU membership. 

More information on the TRAIN Programme is available in the following link: